Legault’s Neither Left Nor Right, Non-Dogmatic Efficient State

Pauline Easton —

The Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) government uses the subterfuge of the « efficient state, » which it claims is neither dogmatic, nor left nor right. It is nothing other than the product of someone’s imagination to further prepare for the privatization of public services without presenting the issue for public scrutiny.

To accept this as « non-dogmatic, » one would have to disregard the ideological basis of the « efficient state. » One would have to ignore the fact that the privatization of the health care system has always been carried out in the name of making it more efficient, even though the result is precisely the crisis tearing it apart today.

To speak about efficiency without the human factor/social consciousness is dangerous. Mr. Legault and the other elected members of his team are throwing at us numerical results to attain, such as a 90-minute wait-time in emergency and the elimination of a « wasted » $1.2 billion, without clarifying how this is to be achieved. This is all obfuscated through the repetition of a dogmatic statement whereby the aim is to be efficient not dogmatic, neither right-leaning nor left-leaning. That refrain of efficiency has been heard before in history, such as from the mouths of those who had only praises for the fascist system, as it guaranteed that the trains would arrive on time. If you are not dogmatic, Mr. Legault, then why repeat dogmatic formulations instead of listening to the professionals working in the health care field and the citizens and residents who suffer the consequences of the cuts made to health care in the name of efficiency?

The CAQ has never hidden its interest in privatizing, either partially or fully, the Quebec Liquor Board and Hydro-Québbec under the pretext of letting the market decide. To claim that this is aimed at making them more efficient is to take us for naive, Mr. Legault, and it will be a big mistake from which you will not be able to extricate yourself. Being dogmatic while claiming to occupy « the centre » is going to catch up with you.